Tuesday, January 31, 2017

January 2017....

January is never my favorite months. It is probably safe to say it's my least favorite. This year lived up to my expectations and we spent most of the month sick. The air here in Utah is horrible which is not helping. We planned two trips which those were the only days we actually felt ourselves and not sick.

We started out the month with Maxx and I sick in bed for 11 days..... YES, 11 days. I was going crazy, I can't even handle being stuck in the house for one day let alone 11. But we had no choice, we seriously couldn't move from bed or it wouldn't be a pretty site. Luckily, Hadlee was able to stay healthy and was the worlds BEST nurse. She took such good care of us. Pete spent a few days sick in bed but for the most part felt healthy.

Maxx and I took a little trip down to Arizona to spend the weekend with some family. Both my cousins live out of state and were visiting their parents (My Aunt and Uncle) back home in Arizona so we flew down there to see them all. It was so much fun to get to spend time with them and the weather was a major plus. Pete had work so he stayed back with Hadlee who had school. It was such a fun trip with just Maxx and I. 

WORLDS BET FISH TACOS from Two Hippies Mushroom Burgers

Once we got back from Arizona and basically had a few days to unpack and repack for Florida. Also, within that few days we had an excited FIRST appointment for BABY #3! We told the kids a few days before and they were so excited that we decided to bring them along to my first appointment. I am so glad I did because it was such a special moment. We decided to make a short little video to announce it to our families and close friends. It ended up being such a memorable moment

That weekend we ditched the cold and headed off to Miami for some beach, sunshine, and family time. We got a little rain while we were there but that didn't keep the kids out of the pool or off the beach.

The rest of the month was spent doing whatever we could to stay warm, not being sick, and having fun!
Sleepover with Kenz and dessert at The Chocolate

Hadlee is awesome at her first Chinese school program. 
Toss and I cheering on our BFF's Drill team at Region!

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