Monday, October 9, 2017

Romey's Blessing Day...

Yesterday was nothing less then perfect. Our little Ro received a name and a blessing from Pete and it was beautiful. Our family and friends were able to join us which made it that much more special. We decided to try something a little different. Because of the weather we were unable to have the luncheon/dinner in our courtyard like we did for Maxx. Since there is no way everyone would be able to fit in our house we decided to do a dinner at the church and bless her that evening instead of during sacrament. I feel like it made it so much more personal and special.

We are so lucky to have Romey in our family. She looks beautiful dressed in white.

I am so grateful to have Pete as their dad and is worthy to bless them.

Monday, October 2, 2017

October 1st....

October has always been one of my favorite months and of course I am trying to brainwash my kids into believe that it is the best month.

It's actually working and you would have thought that it was Christmas with how excited Hadlee was for it to be October 1st. That may be because she remembers that the witches bring some goodies which is basically like Christmas. Every day for the last week she would tell me how many more days we had until October 1st. 

October 1st landed on a Sunday and better yet, it was Conference weekend which I loved. The witches made their yearly stop and left some goodies for the kids. 


I was finally excited to have an excuse to make fun food for the kids. I decided to try spider web pancakes which were a hit.... after I had to prove to Maxx that the spiders were fake. :/

The rest of the day we spent listening to General Conference, taking a drive up the canyon to look at the leaves and then ended the night at my SIL for a yummy dinner with her family. 

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Romey Pearl Schipaanboord // Birth Story

The plan was to be induced on Sunday, August 6th. For some reason I did not think I was going to make it that far. If I did make it that long then I would be 39 Weeks and 3 days. With Hadlee I went into labor a day before my due date, and with Maxx I was 38 weeks and 6 days. This pregnancy I was a lot more active so I figured I would probably put myself into labor even earlier. On Monday I had a Dr. Appointment with a nurse because my Dr. went out of town all week and wouldn't be back until the 6th. She said that I was dilated at a 4 which had progressed since Friday where I was a 2. This made me nervous and for sure thought she would be coming earlier. Even the nurse said that she doesn't see me making it till Monday and to lay down as much as possible.... I feel like they tell everyone that though. Well I guess the baby was pretty comfortable because she wasn’t going anywhere.

Saturday night came and the Hospital called to tell me that I needed to call at 6:00AM and that they would let me know what time to come in. While Pete stayed home with the kids I went to Target for a little alone time and to pick up a few things I still needed for the baby. After Target I came home and Pete ran the kids up to Aunt Katie's house because they were going to spend the night in case we did need to go into the hospital early in the morning. I had a hard time saying bye to the kids, they kept asking if the next time they would see me would I still have the baby in my tummy. I couldn’t wait to see them with their new little sister however, I knew that our lives were going to be so different starting tomorrow which in a way made me sad but happy at the same time. That night, I packed our bags and went to bed. 

Sunday morning I woke up to my alarm at 5:30 AM. I jumped into the shower figuring that if I was lucky to even get to go in, it wouldn’t be till late morning. I called the hospital right at 6:00AM and the nurse asked if I could be there at 7:15AM! No way! I was not expecting to go in that early so I hurried and woke Pete up, texted/Marco polo my parents, sisters, and my friends who were going to be photographing and videoing the birth. I was so excited. This was getting real!

I finished getting ready, packed the car and then off to the Hospital we went. We walked in and we felt as if we were the only ones there which was a good sign, if no one else is in Labor then the process can go faster. The lady at the front desk checked us in and took us back to the room. Our nurse was already in the room getting it ready for us. She had my gown set out and gave me some instructions. This was very different from my other experience where I was rushed to the hospital in pain and basically telling the dr. and nurses to get this baby out ASAP. But this time I felt that I got to experience the whole preparation more then I did with Hadlee and Maxx. 

After getting all gowned up and comfortable my nurse started me on a small dose of Pitocin at about 8:00AM. She also checked me and I was a 5. Things started out slow and although it was showing I was having contractions I couldn’t feel much of them. At about 9:45PM the Doctor on call came in to break my water. She told me that because it wasn’t my first that things may start going faster and I should probably get the epidural sooner rather then later.  They checked me soon after and I was at a 6+. Things started picking up and I was able to feel more of the contractions. Around 10:30 is when both my parents showed up along with my two best friends Erin who was going to be taking pictures, and Kelsey who would be filming so that I could make a video. At this point the contractions were starting to pick up and I requested to have my epidural. Everyone left the room except Pete, and I got my epidural. For some reason the epidural was only working on the left side of my body. Which they say is normal but it felt so weird. My nurse had me turn on my right side so that it would even out. My nurse also needed to put my catheter in. This is when things got crazy. My nurse put my catheter in and I immediately felt pain. I asked my nurse if it was normal to feel pain from the catheter. She insured me that it was my contractions not my catheter. I felt pressure but not the pressure that you feel when you need to push. It was pressure in my bladder. It hurt bad, almost like it was burning. They called my anesthesiologist in and he upped my epidural which felt great. They then checked me and to our surprise I was at a 10, and the baby was RIGHT THERE! They decided it was time to call my doctor who luckily just lived right down the street or else I am not sure he would have made it. I progressed from a 7 to a 10 within a matter of 15 minutes. While the nurses started prepping me they noticed the babies heart rate dropping. They gave me oxygen and tried to turn me on my side to see if that would help. They also called the NICU nurses in to be in the room while I delivered incase the babies heart rate didn’t go back up. Being that this has never happened I got a little nervous. 

Within minutes my doctor (Dr. England) showed up and was ready to deliever. Before I even started pushing, they said they could see the head. WHAT!? Already? I was so excited to start pushing and get her here. Within 2 contractions/4 pushes SHE WAS OUT!! Her heart rate went right back up and she was able to be placed on my chest. I was in heaven. She was perfect in every way. She had the cutest little cry. Right away she gave us a little pouty lip which looked exactly like her brother Maxx. We couldn’t help but laugh. We were in baby heaven.

I was able to hold her for the next hour and then they took her to get her weight which was 7lbs 2oz (the smallest of her siblings). Within the next hour they wheeled us up into another room were you and I would get to stay the next few days. Hadlee and Maxx was on their way up to the Hospital with Aunt Katie and Uncle Jake and I was so excited for them to meet you. Of course they fell in love with you. Hadlee wanted to hold you and Maxx kept asking if we got to take you home. You complete us!

The next few days we stayed in the hospital. Your dad and me couldn't put you down. A lot of family and friends came up to meet you. You are loved by so many already.