Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter 2015 #becauseofhim

Our Easter weekend started off Friday afternoon at Grandmas house.We decided to wait till Maxx was down for his nap because dying eggs gives me a total anxiety attack just thinking about the mess it could cause. Yes, I am totally that parent. Call me mean but trust me he will have plenty more years of coloring Easter eggs that this one year is ok to leave him out.
This was totally down Hadlee's alley being that it was yet another craft project. She loved doing all the details on the eggs especially adding the glitter to them.
See this kid didn't even know what fun he missed out on...
Satuarday morning we thought about going to our cities Easter egg hunt but when I told Hadlee that it meant I had to wake her up pretty early (8AM) she opted not to go. (My kids like their sleep a little too much, totally gets that from their dad). Instead we had a very "bummy" Breakfast while enjoying General Conferance and Spring cleaning.
Saturday night we got together with my mom and sister for dinner and Easter treats. When it comes to Easter candy I totally cave... I mean common, Chocolate in the shape of a egg. Who couldn't resist?

That night the Easter bunnIES worked very hard and one even had to make a trip to the store to get last minute stuff (Can you guess who that was?)

This is the first year that we have hidden Hadlee's basket. The Easter Bunnies such had fun doing it.
Sunday monring we all woke up at the same time, When Hadlee saw that everyone had a basket but her she had a little bit of a melt down. Who can blame her, she is 4 :(
After reading her the card from the Easter Bunny she was thrilled to go on the hunt to find her basket.
Maxx was thrilled and couldn't stop saying "Ball"
Finally the last hint lead Hadlee to the laundry room, it took her awhile to realize it wasn't in the washer and dryer.
After watching the first session of General Conferance we invited our neighbors, The Kelly's over for Brunch and a litle egg hunt.

That night we went to dinner at my parents with my whole family. This was actually the first time since they moved which was over a year ago that we had a family dinner at their new house.
It wasn't the same as having a full acre to hunt for eggs but the kids loved it and thats all that mattered.

 I think this whole weekend he has had candy in his mouth. If we couldn't find him we knew he had found someones basket and was going to town on the candy.

 The older kids got their own hunt
It was a sucessful Easter weekend. My favorite thing about it was that it landed on Conferance weekend. It made it that much more special. This year since Hadlee is 4 years old I really tried hard to help her understand the real meaning on Easter.
Satuarday while driving we were talking about Jesus Christ. She wanted to know all about his death and his reserection. I explained to her why he died for us. She imedietly said, "Oh no, I sinned a lot today" I expalined to her that it was ok to sin, no one is perfect. But what is important is that we repent for our sins. She asked if we could pray right then to ask Jesus to forgive her for being mean to Maxx that morning.
As she said her prayer she paused, she said, "Oh my gosh, I am crying." After asking her why she said, "Because we have been talking about Jesus and I just love him so much." By this time I am bawling.
As a parent I get overwelmed. Am I teaching my kids everything they need to know. Are they old enough to go into detailed about things such as we did in the car. Hadlee simply reminded me that Pete and I are not alone. The spirit is there to now only help us know what we need to teach our kids but is also there to teach out kids as long as we have it in our homes.
I am so grateful for my Savior and what he did and does for my daily. I know he lives!!

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