Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Maxx's First Year Letter....

Dear Maxx,

A year ago today, I met you for the first time. Although I felt like I had known you forever I was is a serious daydream just holding you. From day one, you were such a blessing to our family.

I can't believe its only been a year. It feels like just yestrday that I was holding you in the hospital the first night. Just me and you with tears of joy rolling down my face and my heart ready to burst with the love I had for you.

Dad finally got "his boy" and wanted you to start playing sports the first week you were born. I love watching him with you.

Hadley was a littler hesitate of you at first but that didn't last long. You are her baby and she loves taking care of you. 

You have been an absolute dream. You sleep like a champ and you are always so happy. Max we are so blessed to have you in our family, you bring so much happiness.

Love you Son and can't wait for another fun year of watching you grow.

Love always and forever,

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