Monday, December 9, 2013

Petes 26th Birthday...

I was hoping that this year Pete's birthday would go a little different then it did last year. Last year we spent the weekend in St. George with our friends Lisa and Jay. Our weekend ended up lounging around and Pete being sick.
A couple of days before his birthday this year he started saying he thought he was getting sick. Sure enough the day of his birthday he felt horrible and stayed home sick. Unfortunately, I had to work all day so that night we celebrated with Moochies and mud pie from Joe Morley's.
Hadlee was so excited to wrap up her Ariel doll to give to daddy.
That weekend Pete started to feel better. I told him I had a surprised planned out that he would need to pack for one night. He had no idea what was coming. I had planned a guys night for him and his friends up in Park city for the night. As much as I would have loved to spend the weekend with him, I figured I get him all to my self all the time and that he needed some time with him guy friends. From what I was told they had a blast and stayed up till 6am.

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