Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas at Preschool........

For Hadlee's Preschool Christmas party they were told they could wear their pajamas. Of course, Hadlee was so excited being that her pajamas are her most favorite wardrobe. She has two that are her favorite and she would wear every night if we let her, I even had to hide them because it got bad.
For Preschool Hadlee also has a Christmas program. For weeks she talked about how both Pete and I get to come see her sing. You better believe that I was probably just as excited!
Pete was able to get the day off and come see it. I knew Hadlee wouldn't be one of those kids that got scared, and I was sure right. She made sure not to miss any of the actions or words to the songs. She was freaking adorable!
Her two best friends, Doggy and Cow cow
She was so excited to give Mrs. Kate her gift...
Watching your kids do this kind of stuff is the best part of being a mom! I was so proud of her.

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