Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Goodbye to 2746 West 6680 South.....

Before leaving to Hawaii we/I had to say goodbye to the house I grew up in. We moved here when I was a few months old and it is the only house I knew of. As much as my parents needed this move I was pretty sad to say goodbye. This house holds a lot of memories. It was the perfect house to hold our huge family. My parents put it up for sale and thought they had a while before it would sell. Well, someone fell in love with it just after a few weeks of being on the market and gave my parents not even two weeks to be out. The funny part was, they were in Ireland and didn't get home until 4 days before they were suppose to be out. Lets just say that was a busy week of packing and getting them all ready to move.
My room growing up

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