Monday, November 25, 2013

Hawaii 2013......

After a year and a half of working for Delta my vacation week finally rolled around. I have been looking forward to this week since forever being that I didn't have to work overtime or swap anyone to get the week off. Our plan was to go to a island off of the Philippians, Boracay. I have heard such positive things about it and by the looks of it, it is a piece of heaven. Well, due to my health issues that I experienced a few weeks prior and not to mention there was a huge typhoon in the Philippines we decided we needed a plan B.
My plan B was always to go to Hawaii. We have been a Maui a few times but my dream has always been to take Pete back to Oahu and show him my old collage stomping grounds. Pete, of course wanted to go somewhere more exciting {his words} that we would be able to fly business class {that is usually his favorite part of the vacation}.
After much bribing and begging Hawaii it was. I immediately jumped online and looked for places to stay on the North Shore. There is only 1 hotel on the North Shore which is a expensive resort so I knew that finding a place wasn't going to be too easy. However, I was able to find a little house {basically a room in a house} to rent that was right on Sunset beach. I seriously was so excited I lost sleep over it.
Since we weren't going out of the country we left the decision up to Hadlee if she wanted to come or not. Since we planned on dropping her off in St. George at Grandma Jan's we had already got her excited that she wasn't changing her mind. I tried begging but her mind was set.
Pete and I both admitted that the first 2 days all we thought about was her. I even considered flying home one day and getting her, and making it back that night. However, once we got used to it we realized how nice it was to just have a trip for us.

We arrived around 4pm on Saturday, got the rental car and headed to the North Shore. After dropping off our bags at our place we ventured out to find food. We went to a little truck across from Sharks Cove which I remembered going to in College all the time. While we were there we met some girls from BYUH and offered to give them a ride back to campus. There was 9 of them...... we put 3 in the trunk, one sat up front with me, and 5 in the back. It was such a flash back, and something that was normal on the North Shore.
The next day we headed to Turtle Bay Beach which is a beach at one of the nicest resorts on Oahu. The beach is public so we spent the morning there. After, soaking up the sun we decided to drive to Haleiwa for the famous Matsumoto snow cones, shopping, and a local church event where Pete was able to enjoy the local food. We ended the day at Sunset beach which was right outside of our front door. This ended up being our favorite beach to relax because it was pretty much empty, and there were a lot of surfers to watch. We ended the night just like all the others, watching Grays and Parenthood.
Day 3 we spent at Waimea Bay, this beach is beautiful {they all are}. You can also cliff jump here and we happened to be here the same day all the turtles did.
 28 Weeks!
Day 4: We started our morning snorkeling at Sharks Cove
 after Sharks Cove we stopped at a few other beaches to see what else we could find. After a day at the beach we headed home to get ready to go into town to see a movie. For us to go to a movie together is VERY rear in our marriage. Before having kids I couldn't stay awake during ANY movie so we gave up even trying. Once we had a kid... movies became harder. So we were pretty excited about to see Captain Phillips.
 Oh and here is the bump :)
 The little guy was craving ice cream so of course we had to spoil him with our new favorite, Dibs!
 Day 5, we drove into town to hit up the Swap Meet at the Aloha stadium. This was just about a weekly thing we went to while at school. We thought we needed anything and everything sold here. This time we decided our house didn't need Hawaiian decor nor did we need 100 t-shirts. We ended up leaving with a shirt for Hadlee and baby, some sea shells that we are going to win worst parent award and lie to Hadlee and tell her we found them on the beach (That is the only thing she requested from us) and then the best was the fresh Hawaiian fruit. Just thinking of it makes my mouth water!

 We headed back to our place to hit up some more beach time and then ended the night with dinner and another movie, Hunger Games.
Day 6, We spent all day at the beach and then made a stop at the temple. Beautiful!
Friday we left the North Shore and headed to Waikiki. Pete mentioned that he wanted to at least stay here one of the nights because when you hear of Hawaii this is where ALL the tourist go. Let just say, he wished he didn't make that request and we would have much rather stayed on the North Shore the whole trip. However, we made it fun. We stopped at the Hukilau cafe on our way out for some breakfast. We made our way around the island and checked into our hotel which was a few blocked away from the beach. We basically dropped of our bags and headed to the beach. Like I mentioned before, after spending time on the North Shore this was such a disappointment. That night we enjoyed to "City" life and enjoyed the Cheesecake factory.
 Our last day before flying home, we again soaked up the sun, packed our bags, killed some time at the biggest mall I have ever been too and then caught the late night flight back home.
It was seriously one of my favorite trips. I got to do just about everything I wanted and the best thing was by the end of the trip I finally got Pete to admit that this island was better then Maui :) my number 1 goal!!!

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