Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hind Family Reunion '13

Each year we look forward to the Hind family reunion. Having a million cousins is so much fun however, with everyone starting their own families we don't get to see each other like we did when we were little.
This year was my parents year to plan. The destination was Solider Hollow in Midway. It was perfect because it wasn't too far and people were able to come and go as the please.
Hadlee went up early with my parents because I was in New York until later that day. Of course she was thrilled to be able to stay in a trailer.
Pete and I made it just in time for Dinner Friday night. After a fun night of games we were off to bed. Saturday was full off kids running wild, a family game of softball, and ice scavenger hunt, and some camp fire fun.
 One night we came in our trailer to find this......
Trying to gather everyone up for a family picture wasn't so easy.....
Missing uncle Spencer and Aunt Janet and of course Grandpa

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