Tuesday, August 20, 2013

First Days of Preschool......

I never thought of myself as "that" mom who cried when dropping off their kids to school for the first time. I actually was looking forward to that alone time to clean, run errands, rest, ect. The morning of, Hadlee was so excited that she woke me up to tell me we better eat breakfast so she won't be late for Preschool. She may have been a little excited. After getting ready, of course we did the whole picture thing... I mean really who doesn't. She had enough after the first 2 pictures, she was ready to go to school finally. On the drive there I told Hadlee that I was going to miss her. Her reply is what started me on the down hill. " Don't worry mom, I will be home soon to play with you. Just be brave". Umm hello? who won't want to cry? As I dropped her off and she ran inside I pulled over in a empty parking lot and was totally "THAT" mom. bawled my eyes out. I couldn't believe that my little baby was so grown up. From that day on everything was going to be different. Never again was it just going to be me and her everyday. I was no longer her everything. She had another place to go and other people to look forward to playing with other then me. Yes, I know I may sound selfish but she is honestly my best friend. The next 2 1/2 hours went by super slow, I was so excited to get to see how her day went and to hear all about it. When I pulled up to pick her up I was greeted by the biggest huge which I couldn't have asked for anything better. I surprised her by taking her to a Frozen Yogurt shop where she was able to pick out as much candy as she could to pile on top. As the weeks gone on I have grown to get used to it and have learned to take advantage of every second that I have alone. Running errands during the days has never been so easy childless. And a nap is great when you have no one to wake you up after only sleeping 10 minutes. However, she is very much missed and I look forward to her yelling mommy and running towards me every time I pick her up!
Her and her best friend she got to take as Show and Tell for the first day.

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