Tuesday, April 23, 2013

San Francisco....

 After a long week of week we decided to take a last minute trip to San Francisco. I had never been and had heard great things about it. We flow in Friday night and headed straight to Pier. On our way I fell in love with this city, it was like a mini New York except way closer to home.  The atmosphere on a Friday night was great. Bands played, kids ran around and everyone sat outside enjoying a nice bowl of the famous clam chowder. After eating all we could, we ventured out to find our hotel. *note: one of my not so favorite things about San Fran but the transportation system. It was confusing and expensive.
The next morning we got up early to go explore the city.

Our first stop was the Pier where we got to watch all the birds and boats coming in and out of the dock. We took a long walk to get a view of the Golden Gate bridge which we already have plans to go back and ride bikes across it.
on our way back from the bridge we ran into this crowed which Hadlee, of course, was the first one to spot them out. It was quit the show of very old men ride bikes around the city butt naked.
The rest of the day we spent exploring the city and of course we had to make a stop at the "Full House" houses. looked just like it does on TV.... love it. It was a fun and short trip. We are defiantly going to make our way back here very soon.

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