Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013

I love Easter...
I know what you are all thinking, "What holiday don't you love Mallory?"
Great Question, but really guys who doesn't love Easter.
This year we started our Easter weekend having a Easter Egg hunt at my sweet grandmas assistant living center. All the little old ladies {2 men} sat outside their doors and would drop candy into the kids baskets as they walked up to their door some ever saying, trick or treat. The happiness that it brought to those people melted my heart, it made their day. Hadlee referred to them all as her Grandma Great.
After the hunt we headed to the Schips to color some egg. This is the one festivity that I can do without being that I am a nervous wreck the whole time that the color is going to spill and get on everything. You may say I am a little crazy and I have heard plenty of time that she is a kid and let her get dirty.
 Sunday we woke up to surprises that were left by Mr. Easter Bunny. He sure spoiled all of us this year.
After seeing what goodies were left we got ready for church. The 3 hours that was spent only focusing on the real meaning of Easter.
 After church we headed off to the Schip's for dinner and the hunt. This year Hadlee totally got it and was out to kill.

After that we heading over to my parents for a delicious dinner and again, another hunt

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