Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My Two Valentines...

Valentines came and went by too fast. I ended up having to work on Valentines day but before leaving off too work we opened our presents from Cupid. Cupid sure knows how to spoil those he loves!
Cupid left me a "blank" card with a gift card to go on a shopping spree. I was confused by the blank card and a little disappointed that it wasn't even signed. At work I joked with all my co workers that I had a secret admire that left me a card without saying who it was from. That night I got home and begun to tell Pete that I had a secret admire that left me a card. He was super confused and thought that someone else really left me a card. After much confusion I told him that the card he left me had no writing in it. He assured me that it did and ran out to the car to get the card to prove it to me. Sure enough he not only signed it but wrote the cutest note inside of it and I was stupid and didn't realized that it was one of those card with thin paper inside the card. ha ha lesson learned.

That night we delivered all of Hadlee's Valentines to cousins, aunts, uncles, grandmas, grandpas,& friends.
We ended the night snuggled up for a movie night.
That weekend Pete and I went on a date to Macaroni Grill and to go meet Baby Nixon for the first time. It may or may not gotten up a lot little baby hungry.

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