Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Disneyland again....

Last weekend I ended up having 4 days off from work. We decided to take full advantage and spend it at Disneyland. {Disneyland being Pete's choice}. My parents left Thursday morning and we met them there that night after work. Friday we spent all day enjoy Disneyland enjoying the Sun that Utah has been lacking. We decided to come back to the hotel for a little rest and return later that night to the park. Long story short, Hadlee was trying to get to something on the bathroom counter and grabbed my curling iron that was hot. After many tears we decided to stay in for the night instead of returning to the hotel.
The next morning Pete and I returned back to SLC so attend a funeral for one out our best friends mom. My parents stayed in California to take Hadlee back to the park for the day which of course she loved every minute. After that night Pete and I flew back just in time to finish out our day at Disneyland. The next morning we decided to fly to Vegas and stay a night there. My plan was to do some shopping which didn't really end up happening and turned into a night in watching the Oscars. All in all it was a much needed weekend getaway. My favorite thing about traveling is not the new things we get to see or experience but it that fact that I get to be with my two favorite people and we block out all of the stressful/everyday life stuff. 

They night before leaving Hadlee came up stairs dressed like this saying, " I am all ready for Disneyland guys."
Obsessed is a understatement for this girl.
Thursday night after work we met my parents who had left earlier that morning in California. after getting some dinner and dropping off a rental car (long story) we headed to the hotel to get ready for the next day.
This happens every time. She decided to fall asleep minutes before landing
While he were in Salt Lake Hadlee had her one on one time with Mickey AGAIN. Seriously, I guess we just always happen to be at the right place at the right time.

Off to Vegas we go
After and very sad mishap at the Mall we left leaving one of our family members, "Cow Cow". Not only was it emotion for Hadlee but My mom and I were holding back the tears. I seriously felt like I was in the movie Toy Story seeing one of Hadlee's best friends get taken away. We tried to make up for it by getting our favorite, ice cream!

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