Monday, March 18, 2013

The Dominican Republic

This trip was a dream vacation. Every morning we woke up asking our self if this was real life. It was very different then our other vacations. Usually we find the cheapest hotel we can find which sometimes{Most times} end up being a dive. However, I always say I would rather stay at these kinds of places and be able to travel then to go all out and only get to travel once a year.
This trip we just got lucky and was "upgraded"... upgraded being a understatement of how it really was. I felt like royalty.
We had a personal Chef, maid, concierge, Massages, Activities,Private pool, 6 bedroom house, helicopter ride, and much much more.
Hadlee found a friend to find sea shells{rocks} with her
Pete was in heaven with the food
Day 2
We woke up to a personal chef making us breakfest.... ya what the heck

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