Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 in a wrap....

2012 was a great year with many blessing along the way! It had plenty of good times, and definitely its hard time. I learned a lot about myself and my relationship that I have with others. I learned to rely on my little family and I realized the true meaning of families being the most important thing. I became even more grateful for Pete and Hadlee, boy what would I do without them. I learned how to stick with a job even though it may get hard and it keeps you away from your family and friends for a couple of month that it will all pay off. It would be safe to say that this year was our year of Travel. Taking advantage of my new benefits and having a blast while we did it. Here is other fun events that went on....
*Ended my work experience at Heritage Makers
*Moved back to Salt Lake City and in with Pete's parent to save for a house
*Started my job at Delta Air Lines
*Tested out my benefits on our first light to Arizona (Hadlee's first plane ride)
*New York Trip (Pete's Favorite)
*Hadlee's first time to Sea World with Grandma & Grandpa
* Girls trip to Puerto Rico with Work friends
* Easter Fun
*Graduated from Job training
*Sister Trip to St. George
*Celebrated our 3 year Anniversary
*Trip to Cancun for Anniversary
*Cabin Trip to Brophy's Cabin
*Weekend Getaway to CANADA with without Pete :(
*Took advantage of out Pass of all Passes at Seven Peaks
*4th of July Fun
*Took our first family trip to the beach (Maui)
*Hadlee turned 2 years old
*Got a new Niece (Presley)
*Moved out of Pete's parents and into my parents
*Started house hunting
*Pete's Surprise weekend getaway to Park city
*Day trip to Arizona to see the Diamondbacks play
*Opened up my fashion blog to the public
*Swiss Days
*Trip to New York with Lisa for her work
*Hadlee's first time to Disneyland
*Went to Arizona to be there for cousins endowments
*Cousin Chelsie got married
*Celebrated my 25th birthday
*Our first Mediterranean Cruise 
*Halloween dressing up as Popeye, Olive Oyl & Minnie Mouse
*Thanksgiving Time
*Weekend in St. George for Pete's birthday
*Got another new Niece (Dani)
*Pete turned 25!
*Disneyland at Christmas
*Santa came to our house
*And another niece (Kaitlyn)

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