Saturday, December 29, 2012

Oh, Louie....

We sure enjoyed having Louie at our house this season. He became Hadlee's best friend in no time. Every morning she would run up the stairs to see where he was hiding. He would hide in what I thought were good spots and it never took her more then 3 seconds to spot him.... Common Louie! One of the first few days he came to visit he decided to make a snow angle in sugar (thanks pinterest). Hadlee thought it was pretty funny but decided she needed to help him clean it up while I was in the shower which ended up being a bigger mess then what he had made by himself. So that was the last time we did that. One day when Louie was playing the piano Hadlee decided to move him so that she could play it. The next day he didn't come to visit because what Hadlee said was, "He needs to go to the North Pole to recharge his Magic" After that she didn't touch him in fear that he wouldn't come back. We loved having him around and reminding us to be good so that Santa would treat us well. We were sad when he came to say him last good byes on Christmas Eve night.

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