Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Night Before Christmas....

Christmas Eve = Bowling
 I love this tradition that not just my family has but my extended family has on Christmas Eve. This year Hadlee picked up on it fast and after doing it a few times decided it was more fun to cheer for everyone else. Also, I can't forget to mention that Pete had the highest score of the game... go babe!
After bowling we went and got Pizza as always and then headed to the Schips to enjoy some more food and games!
Can you tell that I live with my mom and have gotten her into fashion.... I guess its my fault that we show up somewhere wearing the same shirt.
That nights we had a little visitor stop by. Louie had to make one last appearance before he headed back to the North Pole till next year. He ran the door bell and had our Christmas PJ's and our ornaments to hang on the tree along with the story of, "The Night Before Christmas"
Hadlee was thrilled and thought it was so still of him.
Grandma also surprised us by leaving us one more gift in our bag.
Then of course we couldn't forget to leave Santa and his Reindeer their cookies & milk! 

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