Thursday, December 27, 2012

Nativity {2012}....

The Sunday before Christmas is one I look forward to. It's something that draws the attention away from all the worldly Christmas things and helps you remember what the real meaning of Christmas is all about. This year we were blessed to be in my parents ward to join them at Church.
That night my sister had us all over for our annual Nativity. Each year it gets more fun as the kids are growing up and understanding the meaning of the Nativity. I love seeing them fight over the different parts and being so excited to dress up in "funny" costumes. This year Hadlee even asked to be a Angel even though she didn't have enough patients to hold still and wanted to just run around. We also enjoys some delicious food and Grandma Frakes joined us and handed out her gifts which the kids were so excited to get their new PJ's.
Mckay was assigned to be a animal and he picked a Kitty {didn't know there where Kitties there did ya?}

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