Wednesday, December 26, 2012

{25} Days of Christmas.....

Of course, my mom over does it again and decides to make all us families a "25 days of Christmas" with a activity to do with our families each day. Some were as simple as reading a Christmas Story and others were bigger such as, filling a bag of can goods and take them to someone. It was so much fun and the best part was that us as parents got to enjoy it because my mom did all the hard work in putting it all together and supplying what was needed. Hadlee had so much fun with it and looked forward to seeing what was in Santa's bag each day. I will admit some days I was a slacking and didn't do anything but don't worry we made those days up!
Here is a list of what my mom prepared for us and then she also gave us other ideas in case we didn't want to do what she had put together.
*Game Night * Puzzle Night * Popcorn-Movie night * Hang ornament on the tree * Make Paper Snowflakes *Write Letter to Santa *Make fireplace S'mores * Make Hot Chocolate with Candy Canes * Do service for someone in need *Call Grandma & Grandpa and sing a Christmas song * Make Cookies * Color a Christmas Activity page * Make Gingerbread house * Sleepover at Grandmas * Do the Nativity with family * Make a Christmas Chain * Read a Christmas book or story * Build a snowman * Drive around and look for lights * Go to Temple Square * Sort through old toys to give away * Go shopping for a gift for someone * Go out for a Christmas treat * Decorate your Tree * Read the story about the birth of Jesus
Thanks mom for always going up and beyond and making things so detailed just to make things fun for us and our families. We sure love you!

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