Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving Day 12'

Thanksgiving was full of eating way too much food, shopping, movies, and spending time with family. I got super lucky and was able to get thanksgiving off of work along with Christmas Eve, Christmas, & New Years Eve! So I took full advantage and made sure to fill the weekend with fun festivities!
Hadlee and I couldn't wait for the holiday to arrive and decided to do activities throughout the week which included making a Turkey art and making our lunch and breakfast more interesting by making them into Turkeys. Hadlee loved every minute of it and even though I think it was more for myself I am glad she got a kick out of it and acted just as excited as I was. Some of the days her cousins were over to join us.
Thanksgiving morning we woke up early to get ready to be over at the Schipaanboord's by noon. Of course, Jan cooked a amazing meal. We couldn't stay too long because we had to be at my parents by 2:00 to stuff our faces with some more turkey. This year I was assigned the roll and man did I find the best frozen rolls {Thanks to my friend Lisa} After eating way too much we hung out and of course mapped out our Black Friday shopping plan. This year I went out with my two sisters Hayley & Ivy  which the more the merrier! We first hit Target which yes it opened at 9PM. I wasn't too happy about them opening on Thanksgiving but to be honest it was kind of nice being that I didn't have to wake up and 4AM to hit that plus a million other stores. After that we did Toys-R-us...never doing that one again. Then to the mall. I have realized that I don't think it's the deals I do it for because lets be honest I usually walk out of the store with stuff I don't need. Its more about the excitement and all the crazy people you get to see including myself!
I finally got to snuggle in bed at about 4AM not too bad being that's what time I usually get off work.
Friday night we went with my parents and sisters family to see the lights down town. We walked around City Creek and got some food, then looked at the windows which brought back so many memories of the old ZCMI windows that we would go see every year when I was younger. the lights were of course beautiful and Hadlee loved every minute of it. That night Pete was forced into helping my mom out with our traditional "coffee cake". I am training him now so that we will help me every year. All in all great Thanksgiving with family. There is so much I have to be grateful for which sometime I know I take for granted. I seriously love everything in my life and in my eyes have the perfect life which I wouldn't change one thing about. Couldn't thank my Heavenly Father more for all my many many blessings!

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