Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Pete's Birthday Weekend.....

This year for Pete's birthday we decided to have a little weekend getaway to St. George. Pete's parents recently bought a house down there and we had yet to go stay there so we decided this was a perfect opportunity. Because it was Pete's birthday I decided to invite some of our good friends to meet us down there and surprise Pete. We ended up flying and Jay and Lisa was there waiting at the airport. Hadlee spotted them right off and was so excited to see them. We went ahead of Pete and as soon as Pete turned the corner Hadlee says, "SUUPPRRRIIISSSEEE". Pete was shocked. We had a lot of fun this planned but we had a little turn in the road when Pete woke up the next morning sicker then a dog. Our weekend filled with activities soon turned into a relaxing weekend just lounging around the house and a little shopping therapy for us girl!

Even though it didn't go as planned it was still fun spending the weekend together. We couldn't be more blessed to have such great friends. Thanks Jay and Lisa for coming along!

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