Thursday, May 24, 2012

Girls Trip 12'

Mothers Day weekend our husbands gave all us women a break and let us take our girls trip to St. George. I had to work Thursday so my mom and I flow down after work and met up with my sisters. It was such a fun weekend.
All smashed into one car
Of course we had to eat at the Pizza Factory!
We decided to do a favorite thing night, where we bring our favorite thing to share with everyone, My mom brought these head wraps, we also got a quote book, homemade cheapstick, mascara, cleaning supplies, sticky things to put on your shirt, recipes, ice cream, and then some things we just need to keep a secret!
Friday we decided to get in some exercise and take a hike
After our long hike we hit the pool
Its not a girls trip without shopping

Friday night everyone went to the Brian Regan show at Tuacahn and I decided to go see Hadlee, Pete's parents was down in St. Gerorge over the weekend and offered to take her so I went and played with her for the night.
Saturday, we spent the day in Vegas and did some more shopping and dinner.
It was such a fun weekend with my mom and sisters! Can't wait for our girl trip next year!

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