Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mothers day 12'

I love the saying, "there is no greater love then the love of your mother." I never knew how possible it was to love someone as much as loving your own child. Its a completely different kind of love that only one who is a mother can feel I believe. I find myself watching Hadlee sleep or just starring at her when she is eating her watching TV just thinking of how much I love her and what I would be willing to do for her. I don't think I can go a day without telling her 50 times how much I love her. It is the greatest gift that my heavenly father has given to me. I am so blessed to be chosen to be her mom and I can't wait to some day in the future to have more. 

 Pete got Hadlee these nails, not sure where or why but she was loving them....

 Since we were in St. George for the weekend, I was woken up by the sweetest text message from Pete. Then later got a called from Hadlee saying, I ov you momma. I iss you. Yes, of course my heart melted! That night when I got home I got to spend some time with both Hads and Pete outside. 

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