Thursday, April 19, 2012

taking after mom?

6:00 AM this morning we hear Hadlee crying, I looked over at Pete and said:
"Do you hear that?
Pete: "Yes, she is saying, Chocolate"
Are you serious Hadlee it's 6:00 AM and you are already wanting Chocolate. I was for sure she was confused so I woke up and filled her cup with milk, because of course I wasn't going to get her Chocolate at this hour of the morning. I gave her the milk and I brought her into our bed to get a little cuddling in. She was not confused, she throw a fit that the Milk wasn't Chocolate Milk. Now, its not like we give her Chocolate milk all the time. For some reason we had some in our fridge the other day and I gave her a cup. For some reason she was insisting on another one this morning.
Pete blames this all on me. What!... I know rude right?He thinks that my mom and I are addicted to Chocolate/candy. He learned this when we were engaged and were at a bridal show. They were handing out eclairs and for some reason my mom and I got so excited and ended up leaving with about 5 each and even eat all of Pete's. At least I know he knew that about me BEFORE we got married.
However, even though it is not completely false that I may be alittle addictive to sweets, I think I am writing this because I am feeling deprived and going crazy, I have put my foot down and have made a goal to give up all sweets until May 15th (Our Anniversary weekend on the beach) I have done great so far and have lost 5 lbs, but am goinga  little crazy! Don't worry I am not addicted! And I am not in denial either.
The End

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