Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter 12'

Happy Birthday Papa

 I love Easter, one of my favorite things about Easter is getting to go to church as a family and celebrate the real meaning of Easter. However, this year I wasn't able to do that. I have to work....good news was that we did get off early and I was able to make it home for dinner and the Easter egg hunt. Jan made a yummy traditional Easter dinner (Ham & Potatoes) we decided to take advantage of the weather and more the table outside to a picnic. After eating we did the Egg hunt. After Pete helping Hadlee put a couple of eggs in the basket she finally got the hang of it and was loving it. She was obsessed with taking all the eggs out of her basket and putting them back in. It was also Petes dad birthday so we had some dessert. After that we headed over to my parents. We got there as they were finishing eating just in time for the egg hunt. Hadlee got plenty of more candy and was loving life. It was a great day spending it with our families.

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