Monday, February 13, 2012

We made it there and back from the AZ!

This weekend Pete had to work which was kinda sucky( really sucky!) but I couldn't wait any longer to start using my flying benefits! The plan was for me and Hadlee to go down to Arizona for the weekend to see our long lost them! After thinking about it I decided that taking Hadlee on her first plane ride by myself could turn into a huge disaster. I decided to invite me parents to come along to test our their benefits as well. I was pretty nervous, nervous about not making it back for work on Monday and getting stuck somewhere. It ended up working out great.
We took a late night flight Friday after work, it ended up working out perfect because Hadlee was dead tired and slept half of the way. The other half she wanted to just look out the window. She was so fascinated! Unlike the way home, It was during her nap time which would have been nice is she took a nap but that wasn't going to be happening. The flight home was more crowded being that the whole Tabernacle choir was on our flight. I was able to sit by the window which I thought Hadlee would love.... no way! As soon as the plane started moving she wasn't having it, especially when the plane left the ground. She held on to me with her life, and was trying to jump over everyone to get away from the window. I ended up having to keep the window closed the whole time. During the flight she did better but then when we were landing she hated every minute of it. Poor Hads, lets hope she gets used to it!
The rest of the trip was a blast! We stayed with my Aunt, Uncle & Cousin. We picked the perfect weekend because not only was the weather AMAZING, but Arizona was celebrated 100 years of being a state. They had a huge festival with lots of different activities going on. We stayed there most of the day and then did a little shopping of course! That night we got take out and rented a movie. It was such a fun short trip. We can't wait to go back and of course bring Pete along with us!

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