Thursday, February 2, 2012

I LOVE Delta!

This game was amazing and was my saving grace to all airport codes!
This job was different then any other job, for the first 5 weeks it felt more like school. When I first got offered the job I had to pick up a binder. In it was a lot of information about the company, policy's, codes, and a bunch of information that said "Memorize before class". For the next 4ish weeks I hit the books and studied my butt off. I am so glad I did because it made training a lot easier in understanding what was going on. In training we get tested every week which I am proud to say my lowest score was a 98%Woot Woot. I have 1 week left of training and the final. At first I didn't understand why we had to take a test to continue the job, however I totally get it. There is SO much information and I can see that if you didn't study and pick up on the things you would be so lost.
To make things 10 times better I work with some of the most amazing people. We have a training class of 24 and they are all so amazing. Its been so much fun getting to know them and becoming family.
I seriously feel so blessed to work for such an amazing company.
1st day of work!

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