Thursday, February 16, 2012

The day of Love!

Hads in her Valentines PJ's!
Pete surprised me with flowers in my car!

Valentines day was a success this year! Yes, every year I am a girl and set my expectations extra high and as high as they are I don't think any boy can reach them. This year I don't think I had the time to set them high and care too much! However, what I did expect Pete exceeded them!! The morning of Valentines, cupid made a little visit, leaving Hadlee a purse full of goodies including, jewelry, nail polish, outfit, and candy. He also left Pete some fun coupons & a book that I made for him of our 'love story' high school through when we got engaged. Hadlee was in heaven with all her goodies, it entertained her all morning. Don't worry, cupid didn't forget about me. He left me flowers in my car and the sweetest card that made me cry on the way to work realizing how lucky I am to have Pete and Hadlee in my life.
Because it was a week night and usually our weeknights are crazy busy, I didn't think we would be going out. Come to find out Pete had asked his mom to babysit (His dad had meetings that night) and took me to Simply Thai which meant the world being that he is not a fan of Thai food. After that we did a little shopping and then came home to spend time with Hads before her bed time. It was such a perfect day. I am so blessed to have Pete and Hadlee to celebrate this day with.
Thanks babe for making it special!!
I love you!
P.S we learned that hadlee is a flower girl..... she was obsessed with the flowers and just wanted to smell them all night..... oh no boys get ready!

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