Tuesday, January 24, 2012

1 1/2 years old..... time please come back!

Time please come back...... I miss my little baby!

 However, I love my little spunky toddler.
I can't believe how fast time goes, and it has already been 18 months since this little girl has been in our lives. Pretty much one word describes my feelings for her.... Obsessed. I love everything about her. She amazes me every day on the new things she is learning. Sometimes she will say something and me and Pete look at each other like "did you hear what I just heard, and there is no way she just said that"
At 18 months Hadlee:
* LOVES her babies, Mr. Bear, and Minnie (One of them she is always carrying)
*Loves to load her baby stroller up with whatever she can and push it around the house.
*Loves watching Barney & Baby signing time.
*Knows pretty much all the signs on her videos. (her favorite is Wind)
* Loves to feed herself
*Favorite foods are Mac & Toms, Bananas, Oranges, Turkey dogs
*LOVES to read books
*Loves to play with her toys
*Loves to be moms little helper, and is so good at it.
*Loves dogs!
*Is still a morning person... always wakes up with a smile!
*Loves to go look at the stars every night when it gets dark
*Loves Barney & Elmo
*Is talking more and more
*Loves to dance
*Loves to fold towels
* Is talking like crazy
* understands when we are talking to her
*Loves getting her nails painted
*Is such a smarty pants

Love her to pieces! Can't imagine my life without her!

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