Sunday, January 22, 2012

Changes Changes...

Change is always good, especially for me. I have learned that I get sick of this fast and am always looking for something new. Yes, at times it can be hard but as long as it is for the better I am always up for it. Back in December I had the opportunity to interview for a new job. It was a job that I have wanted for the past 4+ years but I had mixed feelings because I loved the job where I was at. After a lot of praying, Pete and I decided that the new job would be best for our family. I was going to be making more money and Eventually I could have the opportunity to work from home, and the benefits were better. It was not an easy decision, like I said I loved my recent job, but I knew that this was my chance, I was lucky enough to get a interview and hours after the interview be offered the job. Telling my work was hard! I cried, my supervisor cried, and I might have cried a couple times after that.
Since my new job was going to be in Salt Lake it didn't make sense for us to live in Orem anymore, Pete worked in SLC, I would be working in SLC, Pete's classes are all online, he just has to fly 3 times a week which is in Orem. Both of our parents were generous enough to offer to let us into their home while we save for a couple of months for a house.So we decided to move into Pete's parents house. A lot of people probably wouldn't say they are excited about moving into their in-laws house but to be honest I kinda am. We love being around them and Pete can't wait for his moms cooking!
Things started falling in place pretty fast. We sold our housing contract a lot faster then expected. However, saying by to things in Orem were hard. However, it does feel good to be back "home"!!
Last day at the babysitters!! We will miss her!
My work through a baby shower/ goodbye party for me and my coworker... how cute are they!

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