Monday, October 31, 2011

5th Annual Halloween Party

My sister had her annual Halloween party, and might I say it gets better and better each year, this year everyone except 1 couple dressed up which always makes it fun! We ate delicious food, played minute to win it, (I was in the top 3 again this year... ya that's right!) But I will let the pictures do all the explains of what a great night it was.

Peter Pan, Wendy and our little Tinker Bell

Caesar & his mistress, Bettlejuice & Lydia

Kissing Sailor & Nurse, Harry Caray & Pam (from SNL)

Salt & Pepper, Gangster & Flapper

Shark & 1 armed surfer

Funniest Costume

Scariest Costume

Favorite Costume

No effort Costume

Most creative Costume

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