Sunday, October 30, 2011

Our little Tink!

Halloween came and went, and we sure took advantage of it. Hadlee defiantly took after me in Loving this holiday. Unlike her dad which doesn't care much for it. Saturday before going to my sisters party, we stopped at Pete's parents house for their neighborhood Trunk or Treat
{side note:} who invented these.... seriously what happened to the old fashion way for Trick or Treating... much more fun
We met up with most of the cousins which was so fun to see all of their costumes. It didn't take long for Hadlee to catch on to the whole thing. After going to all the "Trunks" she tried to go back through and put her candy in their buckets. After stopping her, all she wanted to do was sit down and look throw her candy..... way too much sugar for one weekend.

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