Thursday, April 28, 2011

St. Thomas


We woke up to St. Thomas. I was so exciting to to work out cause they had a track on the top deck so I was able to FINALLY get to run outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. After getting ready and eating we got off and went to the other side of the island to what they call their most beautiful beach Coki beach… which it was very beautiful but I am sure they tell you that cause that's where all the local people get business. This island was full of what I call beaggers…. Ya know those ones that won't take no for a answer and KEEPS begging you and dropping the price until you buy whatever it is they are selling. But I can't complain because I happen to LOVE those people…. And yes I end up buying from them…. Well actually my husband CAN'T say no so we ended up with some pretty random things because he felt bad saying no or he would tell them not right now which is worse because then they come back every 5 min. to ask if your ready to buy. But I loved them. I loved the people on every Island. It really opens your eyes. This beach we decided to rent kayaks which is something I have always wanted to do. Well it was quit the adventure…. We seemed to be the only ones that wanted to rent these things so of course while we were trying to get out into the water ALL eyes were on us, well yes it only took about 3 seconds before it flipped and there I was already in the water… I look up to find EVERYONE on the beach hysterically laughing…. Well people I am glad I gave you a show and a good laugh. Finally made it out into the ocean and did that for a bit which was so much fun and even better such a great workout! After that we chilled on the beach meeting some of the craziest, neatest people including SAND MAN(pictures below). I also got to experience seeing the first joint being rolled. Everyone does it there and it must be ok because they didn't seem to care who saw or knew they were doing it. After a long day at the beach it was time to head back to the ship.

This was my little friend I made


That night we went to the shows and then to dinner which the food never did disappoint!

Dinner was always so much fun, we got to know everyone by our table and would also join in on the dancing. The Waiters got onto of the tables every night and put on a little dance for us.

That night Pete and I went and relaxed on the top deck which was the adult area(basically means there was really nice relaxing chairs) it was sure windy though.

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