Thursday, April 28, 2011

At sea

Day 2

We were at sea all day which was nice to relax and lay out. They had things going on all day that kept us pretty entertained. That night was formal night which was so much fun to dress up. After dinner we went to the dance club, right away Pete pulled my out onto the dance floor with Ivy and Quynn following behind us. Well I am sure Pete regretted doing that because that's when me and Ivy discovered how much fun we could have. We broke out every dance moved we had ever learned. We were so good that we scared everyone off the dance floor and it pretty much was just the two of us with everyone watching us. I am sure they thought we were drunk but if they only knew that we didn't need to be drinking to be having that much fun. From then on we couldn't resist dancing every chance we got and were known as the dancing girls!

Only picture I got laying out

Pete with his Lobster

Dancing the night away!

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