Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sadly but surly

We are back…...

from one of the best vacations ever. The best thing about coming home was we got to see Hadlee…. It was A LOT harder then we thought, not seeing her after 9 days was seriously the most exciting thing to come home too. However, everything else about coming home pretty much sucks including the terrible weather!

Well our vacation was a blast. I don't think I realized how needed this vacation was until I was there. Relaxing has a whole new meaning once you're a mother, and boy did I take advantage of it. So here's how out trip went day by day….. yes this will be a long post so if you could careless there is when you stop reading….

We started our trip at 5:00AM Sunday morning when arriving at the airport. After traveling ALL day we finally arrived in San Juan, Puerto Rico at about 7:00PM. We hurried and got a taxi to take us to the boat which I am pretty sure we were the last people on. After eating, checking out the boat, and of course the sail away deck party it was off the bed for the fun exciting next day…

Pete thought this was pretty cool cause it was like the map in the MTC.

Our room & the Deck Party.... Mine & Ivy's goal was to make it on the jumbo screen as much as we could through out the cruise.... we accomplished our goal plenty of times!

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