Friday, April 29, 2011

Hadlee's 1st Easter

Once again Holidays are so much more fun with kids!

This Easter, we woke up to the Easter bunny going way up and beyond. Mr. bunny surprised me with a SLR Camera which he knew I have been wanting. Not only that but he got me shoes, and tons of camera stuff and a UV nail lamp to do my own glitter toes! The Easter bunny also got carried away with Hadlee and got her a whole new wardrobe.(She needed it). And don't worry he also brought Pete a gift certificate to play golf at the homestead in midway and stay the night there with his wonderful wife.... AW thanks Easter Bunny!!! oh yes and some garments... much needed!

After going to church that day which was extra special because we got to teach our class about the Resurrection which helped us not forget what Easter is really about. We headed to the Schip's for dinner and of course a egg hunt. right from there we were off to another dinner and egg hunt at the Hinds. It was sure a fun and special day with family and remembering our savior and the sacrifice he made for all of us.

She loved the bubbles

Grandma Karen also brought Hadlee a little bunny and sweater over bright an early and then Grandma Great had a little suprise for her.

She wasn't sure at first how to work this thing but she is learning!

This is what church does to her every week!


Hads found her first egg with $5 in it!

Hads with all her Schip cousins

Hads with all her Hind cousins

we finally had to take it away :(

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  1. You guys look so great in all of these pictures! I love your blog!