Thursday, April 28, 2011

Puerto Rico

Day 7
It was time to get off the ship the cruise was over. However, we decided since we flow to Puerto Rico that we would stay a night there and enjoy it. Not to mention it was cheaper to fly out the next day.

Well I will have to say Puerto Rico is a place I WILL be returning to and spending a week just there. I was beautiful and there was so much I wanted to do there that we didn't have time to do. We stays at the Wyndham Resort which was amazing!

These things were EVERYWHERE and HUGE!

This is me in the water arobic class... loved it

That night for dinner Pete and I wanted to try local food so we ventured off to some resterant that the hotal had recommended. We went to this cute little local resterant and met one of the nicest guys there, he owned the resterant and all his family worked there he talked with us the whole time tell us about everything was was to do in Puerto Rico, now we are for sure coming back!!!
P.S the food was GREAT

Well the trip was a blast and we were sad to have to go home expect the fact we got to see Hadlee. We had such good times which I don't want to forget such as:

*"Back to the boat"
*Always being the LAST on the boat and hearing the horn and having to run to the ship (We learned that they won't leave you that easy)
*Getting addicted to watching Roulette
*Playing Roulette and loosing :(
*Finding chips on the floor.... thats the way to gamble!
*"Good evening, this is double 0 7"
*A personing Dying on our ship... for reals
*picture taking
*Getting caught taking pictures of pictures
*Flipping over on the kayak
*Alo messages
*Our good friend we met that had to have lost thousands at roulette
*Our robe lady
*"He speaks Pork a geez"
*Me & Ivy dancing
*Nude beach
and many many more!.... VIDEOS TO COME!

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