Thursday, April 28, 2011

St. Martin

Day 6

Out of all the stops St. Martin was probably my favorite. The people were super nice here. This island is half dutch speaking and half french. Our boat docked on the dutch side. We decided to shop first because on the other places we never got too much time to shop cause we would leave it till last. We also heard this is the island to shop on. So we went to where the shopping was and I was in heaven.... is was like New York type shopping! After a little bit We got lost from Quynn and Ivy which it would be pretty much impossible to find them. So we decided to head to the beach which was had heard is the beach to go too and it was on the French side which Pete wanted to go to. We heard this beach might have some topless girl because it was french owned. Well when we first got there we saw some ladies here and there topless no big deal, Pete just closed his eyes! Well it didn't take long to realize right next to the beach we were at was a total nudest beach.... I mean TOTAL nudest beach. Ok so I have never been to a nudest beach and had such a different view of what it would be like. I mean I thought like it would be like a bunch of young hot girls/guys ect. NOPE totally wrong, OLD.FAT.NAKED.SPEAD EAGLE.PEOPLE! It was quit the experience.

Going back to the boat!

Our waiters.... we loved them!

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