Thursday, April 28, 2011


Day 3

We woke up to Barbados. I knew right off I was going to love this island, the beaches were amazing. We heard that this was a good place for snorkeling and seeing turtles so we went to Turtle beach which was unreal. We decided to take a snorkel tour out to a ship wreck. I was SO excited to snorkel it is probably one of my favorite things to do. So of course I was the first one to jump off into the water and begin my snorkeling adventure. Well it didn't take long before I saw these little weird looking things in the water, and feeling little stings all over my body to realize we were swimming in a school of jelly fish! So yes, I can say I have been stung by Jelly fish, many of them. They didn't hurt that bad but bad enough to not make me want to spend my whole day snorkeling. After the ship wreck we went to a spot to see turtles. To our surprise we also got to see fishes that were the size of me and sting rays. After that we went back on the beach to relax and of course be entertained by all the locals that would come up to us, that never got old! There was also a HUGE house, more like a hotel right on the beach we were at it was owned by the owner of some England soccer teams. this house was UNREAL!

This is the resort Tiger Woods got married at

This is the House I was talking about

Pete was so excited to get to speak French... this was one of his many French speaking friends he made

After a long day at the beach we were back to the boat for a long nap and yummy dinner!

So this night we had a great idea, for those of you that have been on a cruise that you are familiar with the professional photography they have just about at every corner you turn and they are ALWAYS asking you if they can take a picture of you. Well some people take full advantage of this by taking wedding, engagements, group, single, and even pictures for their modelling profiles. Well we decided to give it a shoot, it was hilarious to see the photographer faces when we would pose ourselves.... everyone else watching also got a kick out of it.

That night was the mid night Mexican buffet which we were way too full to eat but the ice scalptures were amazing.

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