Thursday, April 28, 2011

St. Lucia

Day 4

We spent the day in St. Lucia. This was a beautiful island. Once we got off the ship we took a water taxi to the other side of the island to the Pitons and this little town that was seriously the cutest little town. Everyone was out on the streets and once we got there we had to take a normal van up into the mountains and everyone would just wave at us. We fell in love with all the people they were amazing. We also got to experience Mud bathing which ever since seeing it on the bachelor it was on my bucket list which we actually went to the same ones that was on the bachelor. After that we went on a little hike up to a waterfall. After enjoying the mountains we got back on the water taxi and went to a black sand beach which was so neat, again we met some amazing people.

Quynn doesn't do so good in the sun.....


Black Sand Beach

So a little background story to this picture, so the night that they had the midnight buffet we came really late so pretty much everyone was gone from the dinning room and we were the last ones there and then all the sudden right before they closed it up we see this lady in her bath robe, she was seriously like half asleep. I am sure she set her alarm clock to wake up so she wouldn't miss out on this mid night buffet. We seriously laughed about it forever, so when we got back on this ship we still hadn't ate lunch so we decided to go to the deli and this is what Quynn decided to wear. We would walk behind him and it was hilarious to see peoples reaction. Not to mention we are in the elevator and it was pretty packed. This girls were giggling at what he was wearing and then Pete says, "The funny thing is he doesn't have anything under it" Everyone in the elevator broke down laughing!

Not planned!

Comedy show

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  1. This makes me want to go on a cruise so bad right now! Where did you get that navy blue dress? I'v been looking for one everywhere! You always look so cute!