Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lets get out of this COLD!

This past weekend I decided that we needed to take a little vacation to get out of this freezing cold and into the SUN!! My cousin Chelsie, Hadlee & I loaded up the car and drove 636 miles to Mesa Arizona.
We got off to a rough start but after, 2 blow outs (no not that tires), getting peed on all in the first 2 hours we finally made it!
We stayed with my Aunt and Uncle which was so good to see. While I was there I fell in love with Arizona. There is nothing better then getting to go running outside in February and not having to bundle up, or run over snow. I could totally live there..... Maybe one day!
I was horrible at taking pictures and didn't get my camera out until Sunday so this is all I got.~First time swinging~
~she loved it ~
AHH I love her so much I could just eat her!
It was such a relaxing weekend full of eating, lots of shopping, and playing OUTSIDE!
We sure did miss Pete though and wished he could have come with us!

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