Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Valentines Day 2011

This year Valentines day was not just one day but pretty much the whole week long, well that's what it seemed like. After Cupid brought us our phones we decided to celebrate on Saturday since we both had the day off. We thought we would try Tucanos because we had heard so much about it and that it was like Rodizio which is one of our favorites. We picked just the right day cause it was their Valentine Special, Ooh La La! Which meant they brought out dipped strawberries and everyone got a rose with their check! Oh, how sweet of them! We loved it even more then we loved Rodizio! We will definitely be going back sooner then later! After that Pete knew the way to my heart and took me shopping to Park City. After lots of shopping we headed home for a nice night with a red box!

This was Hads first time sitting in a actual high chair thingy..... SHE LOVED IT!!!

us with our rose, right after this picture Hadlee snapped of the top of the rose.... she was just too excited!
... I know.... so attractive, right?
Sunday I woke up to my cute little husband cooking my all time favorite crepes.... YUMMY! That night we delivered our cookies to our families at some family birthday parties.

Monday Cupid stopped by again and brought Hads & Pete their favorite goodies and for Hads a outfit! That night we decided to get take out so we didn't have to beat the crowd. Pete picked up Chinese on the way home from work and we had a nice dinner with Grandma (that was our first time we have actually ate dinner with me grandma) I loved it and will be doing it more often. Then Pete said I had to leave for awhile so he could finish something up. When I came home a card was tapes to the outside of the door with a necklace was attached to it. I opened the card and seriously wanted to cry. I saw a little foot and hand print that had been stamped on the card by my little sweetheart! I loved it! I seriously have read it 40 times already! The necklace is beautiful too it says Amour on it which means Love in french (Pete speaks French)... yes I know, sexy right?
(sorry for some reason this picture won't flip)
Our Valentine was great and the best part is I have the 2 BEST Valentines in the world, hands down!!!!!
I love you Pete & Hadlee!!!!


  1. OMG! It sounds like your little fam had the most perfect V-day(week)! LOVE the pics! Hadlee is so cute & getting SO big!!

  2. I almost cried reading about the hand and foot print card, you have a keeper Mal! Hads is so beautiful, I just love seeing pictures of her! :)