Sunday, January 9, 2011

See ya in 6 months!

So my little sister Kalie is off to China! Its kinda crazy, I feel like she is to little to be going off to some other country!
She will be there for the next 6 months teaching English which I know she will do great at!
We will sure miss her here!!
Sunday my mom had us all over for dinner to say good bye and spend some time with her & of course play our new favorite game... Dance Central (kinect)
Hadlee I know is going to miss her Aunt..... it will be fun to see how much she has changed in 6 months!

This is kinda a inside joke.... my sister Hayley made it.... we all got a laugh out of it!

Everyone focused on getting the moves down!
6 months apart!
Saturday was also an exciting day. We got to see our nephew Ben get baptised! We are so proud of Ben and his decisions to be baptized!

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