Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I REALLY want it Wednesday!!!

Ok so this week/month I have been trying to think of any way possible to get one of these!!!

Well since they are $400-$500 that probably won't be happening for awhile.... So for now I will just have to continue going over to my mom's EVERY morning to make one of theses babies!!!


(Don't worry they don't HAVE to be GREEN!!!)

Now DO NOT judge until you have tried one of these! They are heaven sent.... and not to mention WAY HEALTHY! I seriously feel like I am sitting by the beach, in the warm sun sipping on my fruity drink.... the only thing missing is the little umbrella! :)
(Don't worry I am collection my pennies so that soon I can get this!)


  1. Mal! Suprising enough, I tried this! It didn't go to well, I would use to much spinach and didn't have a good blender which equals disaster! I think I might be ruined! Keep it up though! I hear they are WAY good for you! I would like to get my hands on one of these blenders soon too! is it the one that makes soups to? Well Lady! I love your knee caps! xoxox

  2. Where did you find the yummy receipes? Please share! And I've been wanting one of thoes too, but I settled for the magic bullet, which is an amazing replacement, and a lot more afforable!

  3. I really would love to hear more about these smoothies mal, I hear people talk about them all the time but I want to know the details! We will be chatting! Love you!

  4. Meg, You have to try it again! Seriously if you make it right they are SO good and So filling. I eat one for a meal and I am good for a while!

    Crystal, my mom just showed me what to put in it. I know there is a book with all different kinds. But the one I make just has Water, Spinach, banannas, Felxseed, lemon, and then just any mixed fruit. My mom makes veggi ones but I haven't got the courage to try those yet!

    Yes we need to talk! These are great!

  5. I saw them selling Blendtecs at the Bountiful Costco on Wednesday for $379.99. I've been using the Yoplait Smoothie bags from Costco and then 1% milk and some flaxseed. Yummy breakfast smoothie, and only about 170ish calories.