Monday, January 3, 2011

Bring on the New Year!!

This year for New Years Eve we spent it with some good friends which is always fun!

We started the night at our friends Megan & Tyler's house for soup and games! We left there to go check up on my sisters Mascaraed Ball that her and her friends were throwing which turned out good. We got our groove on and then realized how old we were and stopped!! ha ha After that we decided to go over to our friends Jarad & Jenny to hang out and play some X box kinect!
I love my little Family! Hads was so happy for bring in the new year!
This is at my Dad new office building that is almost done! We are so excited to get it all done!

Pete getting his Kniect on!!

Waiting for the clock to strike 12:00!
What a mess!
Hadlee woke up just after midnight to celebrate!! However, she wasn't a very happy girl! :(

So I am so excited for my new years goal! I have been debating weather to put them on here or not but I figured it will be good to have it on here to look back one (I can't find my last years goals to see which ones I accomplished) and also so I can be held accountable for them!
Here is some of them:

Mine & Pete's :

  • Temple once a month!

  • Morning & Night prayers

  • Read Scriptures nightly!( or morning)

  • Family home evening (more like set that day aside to hang out as a family)

  • Food storage & 72 hour kits

  • Save more money! Spend Less!

  • Go on one big trips and take a lot of little get aways!

  • Sell or pay off my car ( I want to sell)

  • Take Dave Ramsey's advice (Only use cash)

  • Fast every Fast Sunday and have a purpose
  • Put all Pictures onto discs

My Personal goals:

  • Do my visiting teaching EVERY month

  • 1 major Craft project a month

  • Cook 6 days a week & try a new recipe every week

  • Cut out ALL Meat and have only 10% of diet dairy (more plant based diet.... you think I am crazy, read the China Study & Eat to Live)

  • Gym 5 times a week
  • Run a 5K & 10K WITH PETE!!!

  • Finish Hadlee's 1st year scrapbook & our Wedding!

  • Only give Hadlee natural foods & NO dairy
  • Loose rest of baby weight.... ALMOST there!!!!

    Pete's Goals:

  • Apply & get into a school!!!!

  • To continue on being the best husband!!!
  • GAIN weight!

Hadlee's Goals:

  • To continue to be the cutest thing ever!

  • To start walking

  • To become a good little eater!

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