Wednesday, December 1, 2010


YAY its finally DECEMBER!!!

I love this season and everything about it! I am just so excited I had to blog about it!!

Today was a very eventful day!

First thing Hads and I did when we woke up was found Louie the Elf which was exciting cause he brought Hads a surprise!!
She was so excited!!

Then off to the Doctors for Hads check up which means SHOTS :( It never gets any easier seeing your baby gets shots. I had to hold back the tears i felt so bad.
All bundled up for the snow!
Oh I just love her!!!

Then it was my mom's Birthday so my sisters and I took her to lunch to celebrate! It was first and defiantly not my last time going to Rumbi Grill.... YUMMY!

Later that day we went over to my Grandmas to decorate her tree, I loved doing this and Hads was loving it too. Ivy did the lights while I entertained my Grandma by singing Christmas Carols... she sure got a kick out of it.
We also finished putting up our Trees and decorations! Our house is now ALL Christmas and I love it! Growing up we also had a tree in our rooms. Well not always there was just one tree it was my great great Grandmas it was Silver and that got pasted down and since I shared rooms with a couple of my sisters it got to be in my room a lot of the years. I loved it and always said my kids will have a Christmas tree in their room.... there is something about waking up in the middle of the night to see the tree lite up! Hads tree is a little big for her room but I figure one day when we get into a house it will be the perfect size. We did her tree in PINK, PURPLE & SILVER! It turned out cute but I think next year we will change it up. Also her tree gets to have all our memorable ornaments on it (We get 1 ornament a year which represents that year, Hadlee will also get 1 ornament a year and then we get a ornament on our vacations.) Our collection is not too big but it will grow!

I thought Hadlee would be more mesmerized by the lights but she doesn't really seem to care for them unless she gets to hold them.... oh well maybe next year!

We are so excited for all the fun things planned for this month some being:

Pete's Birthday, Sleeping out by the tree, Frakes Christmas Party, Hind Christmas Party, Schip's Christmas Party, Progressive Dinner, Christmas Movies, SLEDDING, Friend Party, Girls Party, Gingerbread houses, Seeing Christmas Lights, Making Sugar Cookies, Christmas Shopping, COFFEE CAKES, Temple Square nights & nativity.

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