Thursday, December 2, 2010

If I was Oprah.....

Ok, So since being a stay at home mom I have added to my list of 'Shows' that either I watch or TVO which usually ends up being the case. Now, to get on my TVO list usually requires a lot. I mean there is only so much room and with all my other shows recorded I usually don't have room to just record ANY show. One show that has made my list is the wonderful OPRAH! YAY Oprah!
I have always watched her here and there growing up cause I remember always coming home from school and knowing where my mom would be, in her room watching Oprah and I would occasionally watch bits and pieces of it. But since I have been able to watch her show everyday because of the Wonderful TVO I have LOVED IT! Which is a bummer I am just discovering my love for it being that its her LAST season!
The reason I love this show is because is seems that her goal in each episode is to change someones life in one way or another.
I am so pathetic I find tears rolling down my face in pretty much every episode. I knew that I was pathetic when she had the Backstreet boys on to surprise on of their biggest fans. I sat there and cried, I felt like I was 12 years old again... OBSESSED with them!
One of my all time favorite episode is


I have always tried not to miss this one. She always does this episode around Christmas time and she gives the whole audience her favorite things which have been, trips, cars, diamonds, clothes, and whatever is hot that year such as Ipads this year. Through out the episode they show the audience reaction and almost everyone is in tears and is so excited! This year I was watching this with my mom and all I could say is, "Wouldn't it be so amazing to make people so happy they cry, or to just have all that money to give." Well I can keep dreaming but I couldn't help but think of what my favorite things were and what I would give away if I WAS OPRAH!!!

*now on Oprah usually she gives aways things that she has for her audience to enjoy with her, but in my case half of these are things I want and is on my dream list!

Lets start small...... I have fallen in love with this perfume. It was my main thing on my list to Santa this year!!!

Viva La Juicy

and for the boys..... I got this for Pete for Christmas..... I LOVE IT!
Ralph Lauren 4

Next these things are HEAVEN!!! You'r feet has never felt anything better!

Next would be something to make you hooked just like I am

Try it and you will love it!
Ok so this is one of the things I don't have but I want.... whenever I need a mixer I always go to my moms to use hers.
This is also another WANT!!! At my old job these are all they had and I fell in love!! The next computer I get WILL be a MAC!!!

And I can't forget about my all time favorite store!!! I go here at least once a week!!! Love it!
Now lets get to the little bigger things!!

Ok so this next thing has always been my dream..... I always say one day when we build a house the only room I care about is my closet... my dream would to be to have a designer come in and design the perfect closet for me!

Oprah usually always does some kind of trip so I would give everyone a plane ticket to anywhere in the world!!!

And since this is my dream car, why not give everyone one of these!!! Cause if I was Oprah I could!

And the last I would send everyone on any Cruise of their choice!!!

ONE DAY MAYBE... I'll keep dreaming and if one day I am as rich as Oprah you can all hold me to this!!!

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