Sunday, November 28, 2010

This year I had so much to be Thankful for just like every year except this year I have Hads! I couldn't be more thankful for her in my life and for her wonderful Daddy! Pete has honestly been the best dad I could ever hoped for me children to have one day. He is ALWAYS willing to help and never complains. I love him and am so Thankful for him and out little family..... I couldn't ask for more!
This year we had Thanksgiving at my parents house along with everyone else. We ate way too much, played games, mapped out our shopping route and even went shopping that night!
I usually get assignment to make the name tags for the table.... I usually leave it till the last minute and it ends up being a piece of paper with their name on it.... This year I decided to be a little more crafty and made these little turkeys..... They turned out so cute!
Hads loved Thanksgiving she just can't wait to eat the good stuff next year!

The highlight of my day was when I tried on this baby....... I haven't got to wear it for 8 months and its been pretty depressing. But I tried it on and it FIT!!! You would have thought I had just gotten engaged, I couldn't take my eyes off it!!!

She is ready to eat!

We even had a visitor come to our Thanksgiving dinner... the kids loved it!

Hads decided to fight Kenzi for the adds to that she could make a list for Santa!
We got our selves some little shoppers in the making here!

After Pie Grandma had a surprise for us. She read us a book 'Elf on the shelve' and then gave us our own little elf to come to our house and be Santa's little helpers in telling Santa if we had been good for that day. The book comes with a elf but that elf wasn't very cute so she got us other ones!
Our Elf is named Louie! Hads love him!

This year Hads doesn't quite sure what his purpose is but I can't wait to carry on this tradition!
So Black Friday was a little different for me this year. Ever since I can remember I have woken up at 3AM to get in line for my favorite stores and the last couple of years it turned into all nighters. Well this year I had stuff I needed but waking up early did NOT sound pleasing to me at all, Even my sisters who I have gone with every year said they weren't doing the whole black Friday thing. I was devastated! I finally convinced my little sister to come with me and the plan was to leave at 3 AM. Before going to bed I had to confirm my map. My mom had thrown away the adds so I got online and I came to find out... ALL THAT I WANTED WAS RIGHT AT MY FINGER TIPS and was the same price as if I were to wait in a huge line in the freezing cold at 3 AM! So I hurried and got everything I wanted. I was so excited that I didn't have to wake up early... But my crazy shopping addiction got to me and at 5:00 AM I woke up in a panic that I was missing out on all the craziness and was worried that for some reason the stuff I wanted would be out of stock and that they would e-mail me later that day saying they were out of stock and I would be out of luck. I laid in bed till 6:30 and then couldn't take it anymore, called my mom to run to Target with me and we were off. We walked into the store and seriously there was hardly any people there, and the had EVERYTHING I wanted still!!! So of course I bought everything AGAIN just in case my online order didn't go through. And then I went home and was off to bed.... SUCCESSFUL!
Its been over a week now and my online orders did go through and now I have doubles of everything... duh....! so lesson learned.... ONLINE shopping is the way to go and it works!
After catching up on some sleep it was time for the ROCKETTES SHOW! Two years ago my parents, little sister and I went to New York to see the Rockettes. I LOVED it so when I heard they were coming to UTAH I was so excited! My friend Erin had hook ups and got all us girls tickets! We went to dinner before to catch up on each others crazy lives and then off to the show we went. The day before my sister and mom found tickets and happened to site not to far from us! The show was great and will defiantly be a Christmas Tradition if they come back again!!
Thanks Mr. Burk for the tickets!!!
This is my favorite dance
After the show my mom, sister and niece thought that they were as good as the Rockettes......dream on!

2011 Thankful list:



*My relationships with my family & Petes and how close we are and for all their support and love

*That Pete was able to get a new job that he loves and for how much its held our little family out

*Our little cute apartment

*That I am able to be a stay at home mom and be with Hadlee all day!

*Our sweet little primary class

*The opportunity I have had to become so close to my Grandma and to be able to take care of her everyday

*The Gospel and the joy it has brought to me in my life

*My Savior and for the sacrifices he has made for me

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