Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The big Two Three

Pete's Birthday was the 3rd.
He had work that day which was no fun but after work we celebrated by going to his FAVORITE, Red Lobster with some friends and then had friends over for cake & Ice cream and to watch the Jazz game.
Sunday Jan made Stroganoff which is what Pete picks every year for his birthday dinner, I am pretty sure he is the only fan of this. But the dessert makes up for it..... Joe Morley's MUD PIE!
I can't believe we are both 23, it feels like yesterday we were 17 when we first met and we were running around with no worries in our lives. Pete has been my Best Friend ever since then. Even through the rough times I always considered him my best friend. Seeing him become a father has made me love him more then I thought was possible. There is NOTHING better then seeing your husband become a father. Pete is seriously the best dad! I have had many people mention to me how cute he is with Hadlee and he is. He would do anything for her and me and I love him for that. I love to see him tease and play with her even though she is only 4 months he gets a kid out of teasing her and she loves it too! Pete has not only been an incredible father but a wonderful Husband. He is always the one apologizing first even if its not his fault (I need to become better at that), He is never afraid to tell me how he feels, he is always willing to do what I ask of him, he keeps me under control ha ha, He is such a hard worker and will do anything to provide for our little family. Pete I sure do love you and couldn't ask for a better eternal companion.
Happy Birthday!!!

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